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About RZ/magoo

Based on the long and traditional cooperation between RZ Woodwind Manufacturing and Blaswerk Haag supported by clarinetist requests a new line of the extraordinary clarinets has been born. Manufactured in Czech and Switzerland.

About magoo

More than 50 years as a musician with clarinet and saxophone in various formations and different styles have brought Matthias Gubler alias magoo into contact with many other professional and amateur musicians. About 40 years of professional experience as a specialist for woodwind instruments, magoo has established itself as an expert who knows the wishes and needs of his customers very well and can implement them. He experimented with various solutions to constantly improve playing comfort in the areas of sound, articulation, tuning, etc.

magoo says:

Every musician has their own ideas about their sound. Fulfilling this is my incentive.”

Many products such as clarinet barrels and bells, individual conversions, mechanical adjustments to instruments, balanced batons and special music stands for conductors have emerged from the magoo workshop (Musik Haag – blaswerk). In autumn 2021, Matthias Gubler developed the first hybrid clarinet together with Milan Rericha. This invention will go down as a milestone in the history of clarinet construction and is already showing great interest and success.


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